Surveillance is now handled by Security Cameras Unlimited a division of HTI Servers LLC

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Have an extra pair of eyes anywhere you go with our security cameras! HTI Servers provides onsite and remote viewing. If you own a business, use our security cameras to protect your assets from employees, clients, anyone with access to your information, and from whoever is coming or going. We can help you monitor outdoor and indoor activity within your neighborhood or home to protect your family and personal items.

HTI Servers offer a diverse selection of security cameras, NVR, and DVR that provide cutting edge technology such as sharper, clearer images and longer storage potential. We provide a full range of IP Cameras, PTZ Cameras, Wireless Cameras, Thermal Cameras, Wired cameras, Wireless Cameras and even Hidden Cameras. We can position both visible and non-visible cameras in a way that allow for the fullest coverage and surveillance of any room or area. Non-visible camera positions allow for discreet security while visible security camera positions can alarm any unwanted personnel. Use your cellphone or laptop to view surveillance footage from any location such as your home or office. Multiple users can have access to the cameras and can even view and control them simultaneously. Let HTI Servers help you with your Security Camera Installation!

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Security Camera System

Security Camera System Install almost finished! Wiring in the box is from customers cable company. We did organize them for the customer and re-affixed the cover for him.